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Ferries to Ionian Islands

What Ferries go to the Ionian Islands?

There are currently a large number of ferries that travel to the Ionian Islands from a variety of different destinations, such as Italy, Greece, Albania, Kefalonia, and within the Ionian Islands themselves. There are currently around 322 ferries sailing a week, served by 11 different ferry companies, on over 17 separate routes, meaning that there is no lack of choice for ferries for you to pick from when sailing to the Ionian Islands, especially if you want to go island hopping.

What is the Ionian Islands Ferry schedule?

As there are so many different ferries that run to different ports across the Ionian Islands, there is no one specific ferry schedule that we can give you at this stage. The number of ferries that can sail in one week is also subject to change, although we do our best to give you the most accurate information at the time of booking. Currently, there are about 322 ferries sailing a week to the Ionian Islands, with 30 of these sailing from Italy, 161 a week from Greece, 21 a week from Kefalonia, 89 a week from Albania, and 12 a week from within the Ionian Islands themselves. With this range of ferries to pick from, here at Direct Ferries we can help you to find the best route for your journey.

How long does the Ferry to the Ionian Islands take?

Again, the wide number of ferries that run throughout the Ionian Islands means that there is no one sail time, especially as time can be affected by factors such as weather conditions at the time of sailing. Indeed, sail times can vary from anywhere between 20 minutes (Sami to Ithaka), to 1 hour (Kyllini to Zakynthos), to 8 hours (Brindisi to Corfu), to 26 hours and 30 minutes (Venice to Corfu). Due to this wide range in sail times, we recommend checking before you travel to see how long your route is estimated to take.

How much does the Ionian Islands Ferry cost?

There are a number of factors that can affect to cost of a ferry ticket, from when you are travelling, what route you are travelling on, and what you are bringing with you, meaning that there is no one specific price to give at this time. Instead, we recommend checking out our fare finder tool to get the best route for the best price for you, and be sure to sign up to our email newsletter to be the first to hear about our latest deals and offers.

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Ionian Islands reviews

  • "Great service, included accommodating our change of date request"

    Thank you Minoan Lines, we really appreciated you accommodating our change of date request after we made a mistake. The ferry was clean and well run with really efficient staff, the only issue was that some of the seating allocations meant that couples weren't sat together but the staff on the ship were great and managed it so people weren't separated. Thank you

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  • "Enjoyable"

    I was pretty apprehensive doing this ferry crossing as I get motion sickness & I know the Cyclades are known for the Meltemi winds in August. I must say though that I didn’t feel at all sick, the boarding was easy & the seats were big leather chairs. Totally enjoyed the 45 min trip from Mykonos to Paros.

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  • "Really nice trip! "

    The trip was grear, it was my first travel by ferry and I really enjoy it, very nice and comfortable. Only thing I would change would be an issue with departure time. We took the ferry from Heraklion terminal to Thira. Ship departure was scheduled at 9.40, but when we bought our tickets it was adviced to be 2 hours earlier from departure time. When we arrive, we couldn't board until 1 hour before departure, so we had to wait in the port terminal.

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  • "Aircon"

    One of the worst experiences I've ever had in my entire life. The air-condition in the closed areas was unbelievably on low temperature. My sensor on my I phone gave me 13 Celsius drafting on the floor from the roof and the static temperature of the area was 17 Celsius. This make me feel that the cold was drilling my flesh and my bones all the night. The service of course of the crew was unbelievable on good quality.

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