FRS provides fast ferry services in the Strait of Gibraltar and Alboran Sea, between southern Spain and Morocco, with their fleet of high speed ships.

Since the dawn of the millennium, FRS has been operating year round, fast ferry sailings between Tarifa and Tangier, the shortest connection between the two continents at just 35 minutes, as well as offering ferries to Tangier from Algeciras and Gibraltar.

With a fleet of modern, high-speed ferries ranging from smaller water taxis to vast catamarans, FRS has become the market leader for passenger and car crossings to and from Tangier, carrying more than 1.5 million passengers annually between Spain and Morocco. FRS has also been focussing heavily on internationalisation, growing itself from a regional operator to a worldwide business with offices in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

FRS’ ships include fast crafts named Tarija Jet; a large catamaran holding 777 passengers, Ceuta Jet and Algeciras Jet; slightly smaller mono-hulls, and 3 larger ferries which are used for longer journeys with a higher capacity for vehicles.

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FRS Customer Reviews

  • "Good ferry ride"

    The ferry ride from Tangier Med to Algeciras was great. At this afternoon time, the ferry was not crowded. Nice people helped me with luggage. Had a pleasant crossing and would do it again.

    'James' travelled with FRS

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  • "I chose the wrong destination"

    Everything about the booking process was straightforward and we enjoyed the crossing immensely. I would like to make other travellers aware that they need to go to Tangier Ville if they want to spend the day in Tangier. We had less than 3 hours there and it cost us 50 Euro return by taxi.

    'Anonymous' travelled with FRS

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  • "Sailing "

    I enjoyed my short, sweet trip and the crew members were adorable!!!

    'Holly' travelled with FRS

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  • "Excellent service "

    I will definitely use Frs for crossing to morocco again , quick and great service thanks .

    'Mounir' travelled with FRS

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