Tirrenia connects the Italian mainland to Sardinia, Sicily and the Tremiti islands and is currently one of the largest ferry operators in Europe.

Tirrenia make a large number of crossings every year. With a fleet consisting mainly of new high speed super ferries you’ll reach your destination in ultimate comfort and in record time.

On an annual basis, Tirrenia makes around sixty thousand ferry crossings, travels four million miles, welcomes thirteen million passengers on board, and transports two million accompanying cars.

The entire Tirrenia Fleet has uniform cruise quality interior designing and a 3 to 4 years old average ship age, amongst the lowest in the Mediterranean.

On the most popular routes, Tirrenia Ferries can carry up to 2,700 passengers and 900 cars, reaching speeds of up to 30 knots.

On board a Tirrenia ferry you will find all the usual amenities expected of one of the finest ferry companies in Europe. The Tirrenia crew are dedicated to satisfying all passenger requirements to make the crossing the most pleasant and relaxing experience possible.

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Tirrenia Customer Reviews

  • "A pleasure!"

    A very clean, efficient, welcoming vessel. A seamless trip.

    'Tony' travelled with Tirrenia

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  • "Palermo to Cagliari"

    The boat was punctual and the staff helpful.

    'Anthony' travelled with Tirrenia on Dimonios

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  • "Smoothe Sailing!"

    We took the ferry round trip after staying in Sardinia a few weeks. Both rides were surprisingly comfortable. We enjoyed a sound sleep on the couches provided. The ferries are clean and the staff very friend,y and accommodating. Would highly recommend this affordable means of transport.

    'Aron' travelled with Tirrenia

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  • "A nice alternative to stay overnight "

    This was the first time to stay overnight in a ship in Italy, which was nice and confortable. We booked a 1st class cabin and could sleep well. It was a nice alternative to travel overnight with a nice situation instead of train or bus journey. Apart from the nice experience, I have to ask you to improve your booking system on the web. I booked two routes on the very same day because I found I misplaced an order from Naple to Palermo istead of the vice versa. After I replaced the new order, my former booking on my page disappered and I could not cancel the misplaced order. That is to say, I had to pay double. It's not also good that I could not find any way to do under this situation on your page.

    'Toshi' travelled with Tirrenia on Florio

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