Kobee is a high speed hydrofoil ferry operated by the South Korean ferry company Miraejet and sails between Busan of South Korea and Fukuoka in Japan.

Kobee connects the port of Busan with Hakata in Fukuoka in around three hours and provides an efficient way to travel between South Korea and Japan and is usually less expensive than flying. It is also much more time efficient than using the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Manchurian and Trans-Mongolian railways, which usually last a few days rather than a few hours.

On board Kobee, you’ll find comfortable seating areas on two floors, toilets, luggage storage space, large windows as well as a duty free shop where you can purchase a variety of products including drinks, snacks and cosmetics. Blankets, newspapers and magazines are provided upon request.

Ideal for travellers on a budget, Kobee provides a fast, safe and comfortable experience throughout the journey and will exceed your expectations.

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