Operated by Shin Nihonkai Ferry

One of two sister ships, the Akasia is one of the staples of the Shin Nihinkai fleet. Capable of holding up to 746 passengers, 158 trucks, and 66 cars, this ferry is perfect for helping you on your travels across Japan.

Onboard Cabins / Reserved Seating

There are a range of different cabins available on the Akasia; from the biggest and most luxurious, the suites, which offer televisions, a bathroom and a private terrace, to the tourist cabins, which are not private, and from which you can pick to either have a single room, or a group room in which there are multiple beds

Onboard Food and Drink

There is a large variety of food and drink available on the Akasia, such as the Grill, which offers a specialised food selection, to the restaurant, which has a wide variety of food on offer, and the cafeteria, which has a large amount of seating available, and many different drinks and snacks that you can buy.

Onboard Shopping

There is a shop here, which offers a range of snacks, as well as touristic guides and other souvenirs for you to pick up.

Additional Onboard Facilities

The Akasia has a wide variety of additional facilities, such as the Grand bath, which has a large bath, as well as a sauna, a massage room, a video room where you can rent DVDs, a cinema room where you can pay to watch films with your friends, a games room, as well as a laundry room and maritime telephones.

Travelling with Children

There is a children’s room onboard here, which has plenty of space for your children to enjoy themselves in. The cabins are also accessible to children.


As well as being accessible to both foot and car users, this ferry is wheelchair accessible, and there are wheelchair accessible cabins available to use at request.

Please Note: Whilst we have taken great care in making our Akasia guide as accurate as possible, onboard facilities, services and entertainment may vary depending on the date and time of year that you travel, facilities mentioned may change without notification and ferry companies reserve the right to operate vessels other than those mentioned at time of booking without prior notification.

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Onboard Akasia

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