Poros (Saronic Islands) to Athens (Piraeus) Ferry

The Piraeus Poros ferry route connects the Saronic Islands to Athens and is currently operated by 3 ferry companies throughout the year. Hellenic Seaways provide up to 4 sailings per day, Saronic Ferries provide 6 weekly sailings and Alpha Lines provide 7 weekly sailings. The total distance between Poros ferry port and Piraeus ferry port is approximately 28 nautical miles (52km), with Hellenic Seaways offering the fastest ferry service in roughly 55 minutes, making it a perfect daytrip for tourists looking to explore the surrounding islands of Greece.

Unfortunately, there is not a high speed ferry from Poros to Athens. However, conventional ferries are still able to transport passengers to Athens in a quick time, reaching speeds of up to 21 knots.

Compare prices between 41 ferries from Poros to Athens every week and find the best deal, with up to 6 sailings departing on this route per day. This ferry service allows passengers to bring their cars onboard, with garage availability for motorbikes and trailers. However, please keep in mind that only 1 vehicle is allowed per booking.

Prices for the ferry to Athens from Poros might vary depending on the season you wish to travel. The cheapest ferry tickets are usually available during off peak, outside of the high season. Please visit our special offers page to stay updated with all the latest ferry discounts.

Poros - Piraeus Ferry Operators

  • Hellenic Seaways
    • 4 Sailings Daily 55 min
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  • Saronic Ferries
    • 6 Sailings Weekly 2 hr 45 min
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  • Alpha Lines
    • 7 Sailings Weekly 1 hr 10 min
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Poros Piraeus Average Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers. The most common booking on the Poros Piraeus route is a car and 1 passenger.

Poros Guide

The small Greek island of Poros is located in the southern part of the Saronic Gulf and is made up of two islands. Spharia is the southern island and Kalaureia is the northern and larger of the two islands. Spanning the narrow strait that separates the two islands is a bridge. The island is roughly 60 km to the south of Piraeus and is only 200 m from the Peloponnese on the Greek mainland. There are a few popular tourist attractions on the island including several chapels and churches located around the island with the most interesting being the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi and the Metropolitan Temple of Saint George. The 18th century Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi is located around 4 km from Poros Town and sits in an area surrounded by pine and plane trees. The monastery is where visitors will find the graves of the famous Greek captains Tobazis, N. Apostolis and An. Miaoulis.

The island is connected to the port of Piraeus by ferry and catamaran with a crossing time of around 2 hours and 30 minutes by ferry, and 1 hour and 20 minutes by catamaran. The island is also connected to Galatas on the Greek mainland. Ferries tend to depart every 30 minutes and the trip takes 5 minutes.

Piraeus Guide

The Greek city and port of Piraeus is one of the largest ports in the whole of the Mediterranean, and the third largest in the world, and has become a major hub for the ferry network that spans the Aegean Sea. Piraeus is an important city in its own right despite the fact that it is frequently considered to be a suburb of Athens, the Greek capital, which is only a very short distance away. Despite its proximity to Athens, Piraeus' waterfront has its own distinct appearance and visitors will see that the most appealing parts of the city are located around its eastern quarter, alongside both Mikrolimano Harbour and Zea Marina. A popular event in Piraeus is the Ecocinema International Film Festival which is held annually in late February and is where a number of films are screened at the Atticon Cinema and the Cineac Cinema, which are both located in the city's Town Hall Square.

Full of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, the waterfront district was greatly redeveloped in time for the Athens Olympics and as a result a new harbour front promenade was created that is lined with trees and passes the medieval city walls. The walls serve as a reminder and as an insight into the city's rich past.