Leve Ferries

Leve Ferries operates crossings between the city of Piraeus on the outskirts of Athens and the island of Aegina in the Saronics, a Greek archipelago in the Aegean Sea.

With their enormous ferry called ‘Ionian’, Leve Ferries offers a safe and comfortable journey across the Aegean. The vessel offers a variety of modern and stylish bars, whilst the large seating areas come fully equipped with televisions and air-conditioning. It can also carry a great number of vehicles, making it even easier to explore some of Greece’s most popular tourist attractions.

The ferry departs from the country’s primary port and transport hub, Piraeus, sitting approximately 10 kilometres southwest of the capital’s city centre. It’s the largest port in the Mediterranean, with over 20 million passengers passing through each year.

Aegina, of the Saronic Islands in the namesake gulf, is hugely popular amongst Athenians for short beach holidays as it’s situated just over 30 kilometres from the port of Piraeus.

So, with Leve Ferries, you’re just a short ferry journey from Aegina’s idyllic beaches and historical landmarks, most notably the stunning Aphaea Temple.

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