Langkawi Ferry Services

Langkawi Ferry Services is a well-established operator in Malaysia, connecting two of the country’s most famous islands, Penang and the Langkawi archipelago, found just off the west coast at the mouth of the Malacca Strait.

Winner of ‘best ferry operator’ at the 2015 Langkawi Tourism Awards, Langkawi Ferry Services is one of the leading companies in Malaysian ferry travel. In 1997, in order to kick start the venture, they introduced six brand new, high-speed ferries and steadily increased the number over the years to the twelve-strong fleet used today, which includes some of the fastest passenger ferries in the region. Bringing over twenty years of maritime experience to the operation, the Langkawi Ferry Services team is committed to upholding their reputation for excellent customer experience and safety.

Langkawi Ferry Services’ vessels boast reclining seats, full air-conditioning and on-board cinema systems, providing entertainment for all ages. Top speeds within the fleet range from thirty two to forty knots, with maximum capacities from one to two hundred passengers.

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