Kume Line

Kume Line is a Japanese ferry company based in the city of Naha, towards the southern tip of Okinawa Prefecture, sailing to the islands Kumejima and Tonaki, off the west coast.

Founded by Seiji Toubaru in 1950, Kume Line has almost seventy years’ experience in the shipping industry, bringing that knowledge and expertise into the passenger services field seven years later, going on to become one of the most prestigious ferry operators in Okinawa.

With a fleet comprising just two ships, Kume Line runs an extensive and convenient timetable, connecting the prefecture’s mainland with two of its most popular and beautiful islands. The larger and faster ship is named ‘Ryukyu’, holding three hundred and fifty passengers with a top speed of nineteen knots, while ‘New Kume Shima’ can hold three hundred and thirty seven people, travelling at sixteen knots. Both ships boast an interior vastly superior to most vessels in the region, with high-tech amenities, luxury seating and large recreational areas.

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