Ibiza to Barcelona Ferry

Connecting the Spanish island of Ibiza with the city of Barcelona in Spain, this ferry route provides an essential connection between the island of Ibiza and the mainland of Spain. From the island of Ibiza, a world famous destination thanks to its vibrant nightlife and perfect summer weather, there are still many other fun activities to do whilst here, from the Renaissance buildings to the many museums, as well as many other beautiful and historical sites, to the city of Barcelona, one of the most famous cities in Europe, thanks to its rich history that can be dated back to the Roman era, as well as its many famous buildings and churches that have been built by famous architects, and can still be visited today.

With up to 12 ferries running per week, provided by 2 ferry operators, there are plenty of ferries to choose from, so book now with Direct Ferries, to find the best ferry at the best price for you.

Ibiza to Barcelona sailing durations and frequency may vary from season to season, and from month to month, so we’d advise doing a live check to get the most up to date information.

Ibiza - Barcelona Ferry Operators

  • Balearia
    • 7 Sailings Weekly 7 hr 58 min
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  • Trasmediterranea
    • 5 Sailings Weekly 8 hr 30 min
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  • Grandi Navi Veloci
    • 4 Sailings Weekly 7 hr 45 min
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Ibiza Barcelona Average Prices

Prices shown represent the average one way price paid by our customers. The most common booking on the Ibiza Barcelona route is a car and 2 passengers.

Ibiza Barcelona Ferry reviews

  • "Ferry worth it!"

    I chose to sail with Baleria from Ibiza to Barcelona. The ship was very well maintained. Staff was friendly and helpful. The cafeteria was amazing. The chef prepared a wonderful Vegetarian meal for me! The best I have had in Spain! I am glad I chose Bakeria!

    'Dipti B' travelled Ibiza Barcelona with Balearia on Bahama Mama

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  • "Ibiza Barcelona ferry "

    Great crossing, not a big ferry but very comfortable and clean. Enjoyed the deck area with the artificial grass! We travelled with a dog and it's great that you can have access to them throughout the crossing. Very friendly and helpful staff. Would recommend.

    'Rosalyn' travelled Ibiza Barcelona with Trasmediterranea on Ciudad de Mahón

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  • "Nothing to say"

    Punctual, clean, comfortable, these are the qualities to describe the ferry from Barcellona to Ibiza. I booked the reserved seat, was really comfortable, I recommend it.

    'Daniele' travelled Ibiza Barcelona with Balearia

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  • "Fly versus float"

    We were going to fly from Ibiza to Barcelona, however, we decided to save a 500 euros and take the ferry. Turned out to be a great decision. Although it took longer than a flight would have it was a great experience and was a lot of fun. I would choose the same method again.

    'Lucas' travelled Ibiza Barcelona with Balearia on Martin i Soler

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Ibiza to Barcelona Ferry Schedule

The ferry schedule for this ferry route has up to 12 ferries running per week, provided by 2 ferry operators, with 7 ferries running per week with Balearia, and 5 ferries running per week with Trasmediterranea, so there is not one single ferry timetable available here. Indeed, ferry timetables for this route can be affected by many different factors, such as seasonal changes, changes to the ferry route, changes made by the ferry operators, and so on, but here at Direct Ferries, we will always give you the most up-to-date information, so you can find the best ferry at the best time for you.

How long does the Ferry to Barcelona from Ibiza take?

Ferry sail durations on this ferry route can take between 8 hours and 30 minutes, to 8 hours and 45 minutes, to 9 hours, and this variation is due to numerous reasons, such as changes to the ferry route, changes made by the ferry operator, different ferry operators, and external factors such as weather conditions at the time of sail. This means that all sail times that are given here are to be taken as estimates only, and be sure to check before you book, what your expected sail time will be.

Ibiza to Barcelona Ferry Prices

How much the ferry to Barcelona from Ibiza will cost is defined by many separate aspects, such as what time of year you are travelling, which ferry route you are travelling on, which ferry operator you are travelling with, how you are travelling, and other such factors, so there are multiple ferry fares on offer here. Instead, we recommend looking at the above graph, to see our monthly fare averages, check out our helpful fare finder tool, to find the best ferry at the best price for you, and be sure to sign up to our email newsletter, to be the first to hear about our latest deals and offers.

Can I take my Car on the Ferry to Barcelona from Ibiza?

You are currently able to take your car with you on this ferry route.