Whitsunday Islands

How to book ferries from Whitsunday Islands to Australia

There are numerous ferry crossings operating from Whitsunday Islands to Australia. Ferries currently connect 2 ports in Whitsunday Islands with 3 ports in Australia.

There are a combined number of 23 ferry crossings each day across a selection of 5 Ferry Routes which are operated by 1 ferry company including Cruise Whitsundays with the shortest crossing taking around 30 minutes (Daydream Island to Airlie Beach (Port of Airlie)).

This is a general summary of the services on offer between Whitsunday Islands and Australia, for live information select from our Fare Search.

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About Whitsunday Islands:

The Whitsundays are a cluster of islands off the central coast of Queensland, Australia in the heart of the Coral Sea.

Sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, these islands offer peaceful, blue waters and immaculate white sandy beaches. The crown jewel, Whitehaven Beach is widely regarded as the best in the world with its 98% silica sand, fine enough to polish jewellery.

Beneath the tranquil ocean lies endless amounts of coral reef and vibrantly coloured tropical fish, but on land, you will find secluded bays, hillside forests and lively towns. They even boast some luxurious resorts suitable for families and couples, as well as budget accommodation tailored for backpackers.

The Whitsundays offer an extensive ferry network with multiple routes back to Airlie Beach, the coastal hub for the islands. You can also sail to Shute Harbour on the mainland, which is further south, from Daydream and Hamilton Island.

About Australia:

Australia is the world’s sixth largest country, by land area, consisting of the mainland, Tasmania and thousands of smaller offshore islands.

For such a massive nation, the population only reaches around twenty-four million, culminating in a huge expanse of breath taking, untouched wilderness, known as ‘the outback’, with almost ninety percent of Australians residing in coastal cities. Sydney, the largest of which, boasts a collection of beaches and trendy bars alongside its iconic Opera House and Royal Botanic Garden.

Australian excursions include jaunting off to the Whitsunday Islands for Great Barrier Reef diving, or hopping over to Kangaroo Island for its wonderful National Park, while the Tiwi Islands, in the north, showcase the fascinating Aboriginal way of life.

With numerous islands around the Australian coast, travelling by ferry is the best way of reaching the mainland, allowing you to enjoy the brilliant oceanic views along the way.